Verdant Wilderness

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The Verdant Wilderness is a region in Eidyn. It is bordered by Leir, Central Eidyn, Oceanfell and Shuang. It is largely uninhabited, and much of the land was formed as a result of earth shaping by the Kingdom of Leir.


The Verdant Wilderness consists mostly of grasslands with pocket forests. It is considered a wild region. Along the southern border are the Ling Mountains.

Points of interest

Limestone Plains

The Limestone Plains are the remains of the Phantom Seas, a former ocean that was destroyed by the Kingdom of Leir using the Worldstone - essentially as a means of crippling the Xeng Empire's naval power in one fell swoop. What remains of the former ocean is the Phantom Lake.

Scattered across the Limestone Plains are shipwrecks, formerly Xengese junks that were put out of commission when the ocean was dried up.

Phantom Lake

Formerly the Phantom Seas, the Phantom Lake is a body of water known for containing a lot of spirit energy. The lake is still very large despite having shrunk in size. To this day, a strange mist envelops the lake, and ghostly ships have been spotted.



Phantom Lake

Most of the wildlife in the Phantom Lake have since become endangered after the drying of the Phantom Seas.

  • Shadow shark - Shadow sharks are spectral, carnivorous beings that feed on spirit energy.


  • Ghost pirates - The ghost pirates are Xengese pirates that perished during the Invasion of Leir. They kidnap and hold for ransom the souls of those who aimlessly wander the Phantom Lake.