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Vedfolnir is a region of Eidyn. It is bordered by Jotun, North Eidyn, Leir, Sky Pass and Frozen Vale. A region surrounded by mountains much like Teleios, Vedfolnir is a region of varied terrain, fierce predators, and many bandit groups.


Vedfolnir is generally covered in forest in the south, which gives way to craggy hills and eventually the northern mountains. Fast-flowing rivers run though the southern portion of the region among the forests, attracting numerous animals to the forests. Though the north is more sparsely vegetated, animals still abound there during the spring due to delicious weeds that sprout and cover the hills.

Points of interest

Eyes of Behemoth

Two lakes in the southwest of the region, the Eyes of Behemoth are known for their spectacular views as well as plentiful hunting grounds. Herds of animals often pass through the lakes during migration, and as a result both hunters and predators flock there cyclically to get the best meat. The Eyes of Behemoth are also known as the home of the elusive Jabuu, a rumored prehistoric beast that has lived in the lakes since time immeasurable.