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Haazrade were an archaic mammalian race native to Boegaden, the swampy northeast portion of Obreidhion, a subcontinent of Khyorgan.


The haazrade had very bulky and squared bodies. They were bipedal, with two stubby legs and two large, very powerful arms that allowed them to swing between trees. They had no neck, and instead their squared head simply jutted forward from the front of their torso.

Haazrade had a thick, leathery hide that protected them from damage. They were nearly hairless, a rarity among mammals; As they had no hair to absorb water and cool them, they had a much easier time staying warm during the colder months in their wetland home. The haazrade had two eyes and large omnivorous teeth, including enlarged canines used for hunting.


Native to Khyorgan, the haazrade predated the first settlers to arrive from Eidyn, Valorum, or elsewhere. Their brutality and fearsome strength struck terror into colonists and immigrants, who largely avoided and feared them much like they avoided and feared most of Khyorgan's other native races.

However, as the immigrant races advanced in technology, the haazrade remained primitive. Though they made up for their lack of technological prowess with great strength, even the strongest haazrade could not fight a warship. As Khyorgan, and the rest of Erudite made greater and greater technological leaps, the haazrade remained in the dark ages, soon finding themselves unable to compete militarily with any other nation, despite their surplus of strong and brave warriors.