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General information
Status Thriving
Size (Males) 1.7 m (5' 6") , (Females) 1.57 m (5' 1")
Mass Average 62 kg (136.7 lbs)
Diet Omnivorous
Limbs 4 (2 Legs, 2 Arms)
Eyes 2
Symmetry Bilateral
Description Bipedal physical beings

Humans are a widespread race of Man that can be found across Erudite, in general, are fierce and disagreeable, which can sometimes lead certain other races to view them with contempt. They are renowned for their diversity and ambition, and although they lack specialization, they can excel in many areas.


Like the other races of Man, humans are bipedal, upright-walking, omnivorous mammals with opposable thumbs whose bodies consist of two legs, two arms, a torso, a head, and a neck, and who sense the world around them through the use of two eyes, two ears, a nose, a tongue, and a vast network of nerves.

Humans are fairly diverse in skin tone and size, most humans are between 1.4 meters (4ft 7in) and 1.9m (6ft 3in) in height and between 54-83 kg (120 to 183 lbs) in weight, with body size determined by genetics as well as nutrition and exercise, though genetic conditions such as gigantism can cause abnormal heights or weights.

Though it may not be immediately apparent, Humans are covered in hair over the entire length of their skin, with a few exceptions such as the soles of their feet, albeit vellus hair, which is oftentimes completely invisible from a distance. Longer, thicker, and much more visible terminal hair grows on humans after puberty, most notably in male humans on the facial region, which allows them to grow beards. Hair also grows from the cranium of humans and can be grown, cut, and braided into many different styles.

Human hair and human skin are both colored by melanin pigments. Human skin ranges in color from very dark brown to a very light pinkish color, while hair comes in black, golden, brown, and orange, but usually changes to a gray or white color with age. A myriad of conditions such as Albinism, Argyria, and Jaundice can give humans abnormal skin or hair tones.


Humans were among the very first settlers of Valordyn, Brumal, and Khyorgan.


There are many different human ethnic groups on Khyorgan.

  • Leirian - Native to Leir Desert
  • Picos - Natives to the Picos Mountains
  • Valansyojæ - Natives to Brumal
  • Tarrbuskans - Mechanically inclined humans from northeastern Amicalis
  • Alraithians - Humans native to the harsh deserts and sprawling savannas in the western reaches of Amicalis
  • Adonbaxi - Some of the first humans to arrive in Khyorgan, lived in Amicalis in ancient times
  • Kess - Sometimes known as Halflings, the Kess are short humans native to the island of Kesuma. Their shorter stature is a result of adapting to food scarcity in their home island.


Humans can speak a variety of languages depending on environment.

Regional languages

  • Leirian - A family of dialects commonly spoken across western Eidyn.
  • Fraengallic - The language spoken in Fraengal.
  • Polvorish - The language of Polvora. Its predecessor is Palvarish spoken by the Palvari.

Other languages

  • Svartil - A mostly dead language that used to be used by nobles of the Elves in the past. Some traitors opened up the language to humans.
  • Oklik - A language made for warfare communication, only select people know this coded language.
  • Hokap - An old "common tongue" that used to be used before Tradespeak now took over. Many people use this as a more select trading language.
  • Ferthil - A shamanistic language where most magic words are derived from.