United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl

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Template:Infobox nation The United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl, also simply called Gorholl, was an orcish civilization that existed in the Lexighor Desert for 575 years until its destruction during the Demon Wars.


Orcs originally hailed from the Limestone Plains region of the Verdant Wilderness, an area of Eidyn. Wars with proto-Fraengal civilization eventually drove the orcs out of their homeland and into diaspora. Orcs from that point forward largely lived in the peripheries of other civilizations, few of which viewed them fondly. A great number of orcs would choose to leave their home continent and set sail for the distant continent of Khyorgan in hopes of finding better futures.

The orcs suffered from bitter relations with their fellow pioneers travelling in from Eidyn, and found themselves muscled out of most of the fertile, green landscapes of Andavronia and Obreidhion. Even Human, Elf, and dwarf settlements that had disputes with one another would often come together to prevent the orcs from establishing themselves.

As a result, many orcish tribes eventually relocated to a less hospitable, but less inhabited region, the Desert of Lexighor, located in Lexighor. Their new home lied wedged between where the Kess humans and sand elves had mostly established themselves in Obreidhion and Andavronia, and Archei, home to the dwarven Archei Clans.

Gorholl's orcish tribes continued to face constant external threats and lack any true allies. As a result, the orcish tribes were forced to unite in order to survive, with the first government of the United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl being officially established in 575 BDW. It would take several decades for this new centralized government to truly unite the orcs, but the slow consolidation of power snowballed as more powerful tribes joined forces.

575 years after it was first established, Gorholl would have the Demon Wars thrust upon it without warning. The demons slaughtered many orcs, and within a year of the fighting, the government of Gorholl was permanently ended. After a span of panicked anarchy, the Orcish Alliance of New Gorholl would later go on to reestablish a central government for Gorholl's tribes.


The orcs of Gorholl had a warrior culture shaped by years of war with the Qilin and Abominations, two hostile native Khyorganese races, as well as occasionally with other immigrant races. Due to the scarcity of resources, their hunters and gatherers were also held in high regard.

Gorholl's people also idolized ancient orcish civilization, and many trips were financed by the orcish government to the ancient Limestone Plains, with hopes to recover great relics of the past. Gorholl looked down upon those orcs who continued to live within the peripheries of other societies rather than living within an orcish nation and considered themselves to be the continuation of "true" orcish culture.

A fiercely traditionalist, conservative, pseudo-caste society, Gorholl placed an immense amount of value in collectivism and the "greater good," to the point of viewing individualism as a form of psychiatric illness. Artistic expression was mostly viewed negatively, with exceptions for expression which did not deviate from ancient orcish songs and art recovered from limestone ruins or old Gorholl traditions honoring hunter-gatherers and warriors in very specific manners.