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Tarrbuskans were a race of humans associated with Tarrbusk, a region in Amicalis roughly consisting of the Capital Countship, Phaber Countship, Bezard Countship, Oceanhead Countship, and Cloudfield Frontier. The Tarrbuskans were mixed to varying degrees between the ancient Adonbaxi civilization and west Eidynese peoples enslaved by the Empire of the Red Tower.

Having been descended from enslaved manual laborers, Tarrbuskans were generally skilled in trades such as smithing, metallurgy, carpentry, and leatherworking, but their magical skills were generally comparable to Dwarves and other magically inept races, despite almost every other human race being just as capable in magic as in technology.

Tarrbuskans remained on the far side of the magic-technology spectrum as steam technology, gunpowder, the automobile, and many more such technologies were discovered. During the Khyorganese Renaissance many Tarrbuskans became inventors, engineers, and mechanics. This preference for technology over magic certainly did not help improve relations between the Tarrbuskans and Vulcan Elves of Amicalis, who were already at odds with eachother due to Amicalis' bloody history of slavery and war.


Tarrbuskans typically had fair skin with contrasting dark hair, along with angular and thin facial features. Tarrbuskans were reasonably tall, on average 5'6" to 6'0" (1.68-1.8 meters) and possessing above-average upper body strength and grip pressure, but often suffering in running skill and stamina, thanks to a preference by Elven slavedrivers for strong slaves who couldn't run away.]