High Elf

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Heilinthar(translated: අධිතෝර්), also known as high elves, are powerful beings who have become so infused with the power of nature and its magic that they have become entirely new creatures, taking on aspects of the seasons and other natural phenomena. They are a very small group among the elves.


High elves look almost identical to regular elves, but are differentiated in a few small ways, such as their eyes, which are opaque orbs of solid color or the aura of radiance they emit from their bodies. High elves have a few notable abilities that differentiate them from their elven kin. For instance, many high elves have a bodily resistance to the effects of both extreme cold and extreme heat, and all have a powerful resistance to the effects of magical energy, particularly elemental magic.


The High Elves from the Outerlands had an empire that rivaled the scale of Leir. Both were contemporaries often teaming up or fighting against one another. They saw themselves as ideologically superior. In the battlefield, the combat Leir's automatons, they would use simulacra - artificial beings animated with magic.