Bezard Countship

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The Bezard Countship was a countship of Amicalis, it was one of the largest administrative divisions of Amicalis, as well as one of the most populous. The Bezard Countship was covered in sprawling deciduous forests at lower elevations, with its more mountainous regions being dominated by coniferous trees instead, providing an abundant source of lumber.

The Bezard Countship bordered the Oceanhead Countship, Boegaden, and the Nautilus Ocean to the north, Capital Countship to the east, Phaber Countship to the south, and Cloudfield Frontier to the west. Though the Bezard Countship had only a small region of coastal access, and one which was rife with bogs and marshes that proved disadvantageous to shipping, no less, it had historically had a lumber shipping industry out through the coast; The advent of steam power and the railroad largely outmoded pelagic cargo transport out of the region during the Khyorganese Renaissance.