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Weerkaatium is a metal that was primarily found in Amicalis in Eastern Obreidhion, part of Khyorgan. Weerkaatium is an extremely reflective metal that is unaffected by tarnish and rust and is extremely resistant to minor scratches and dents compared to iron or even steel. Weerkaatium is less durable than most other metals used for armor or tools when faced with more powerful blows, and is more brittle, with a tendency to break rather than bend under extreme pressure.

Weerkaatium was often used by the people of the Thunderhead Sea for armor and weaponry, supposedly giving warriors who donned it a regal and illustrious appearance. A legend popular during the Khyorgan Renaissance told of an amicalic knight who fought against the Empire of the Red Tower, whose weerkaatium armor reflected sunlight into the eyes of his opponents, blinding them, though the accuracy of this story is doubtable.