Oceanhead Countship

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The Oceanhead Countship was a countship of Amicalis, it was the smallest of Amicalis' divisions; Geographically, Oceanhead was the least mountainous of all official regions of Amicalis, and it's northern coastal areas were rich in swamps, bogs, and marshlands, but they gave way to southward sandy beaches.

Oceanhead's natural landscape made it undesirable for most races of the region during the time of the Adonbaxi, but it became populated during the Empire of the Red Tower conquest in Obreidhion. Some Adonbaxi populations fled to Oceanhead during the Red Tower colonization (though this did not spare them in the end), and later the Empire of the Red Tower created fisheries in Oceanhead and forcibly relocated Humans into settlements there for slave labor.

Oceanhead became a battleground during the Amicalis slave revolts, when the Human, Maliekt, and Byn'makha slaves rebelled against their Elven owners en masse. Oceanhead's swamps were used to ship materials from the northern regions of Amicalis while the Red Tower's navy controlled most of the ports and shorelines.