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God(s) Trelch
Evil god(s) Ryllt
Founder Krizov
Holy land Amicalis
Adherents 0

Krizovism was an ancient religion practiced largely in Amicalis, named for the prophet Krizov. Most denominations of the religion held Amicalis in high regard and considered it a holyland. The religion taught honor and forgiveness as the most important qualities.


Krizovism worshipped the deity Trelch, depicted as a towering figure clad in black metal, with two bull-like horns, and carrying a rusty, algae-laden anchor on a chain, which represented the wickedness of evildoers which drags them down in the afterlife. It is said that Trelch lead several races to the holy land and gave them great bounties of food and precious metals, and taught them the art of war; But Trelch's followers disrespected him and gave up their worship, becoming evil and violating the laws Trelch had gave them, so Trelch banished the evilest among them to the far west and gave the rest no more favor, and soon their resources dwindled, forcing them to struggle to survive.

Krisovism taught that when the exiled peoples had abandoned their evil ways sent his son, a demigod and prophet named Krizov, to the peoples who had been exiled, to invite them to return to the holy land and return to worshipping Trelch. Krizov and his followers built a new kingdom to unite the exiled peoples and return to the holyland, and he departed back into the heavens after creating a successful kingdom.

It is believed that the Kingdom of Krizov again turned away from the teachings of Trelch, so he allowed the Empire of the Red Tower to take it over, as well as invade the holyland, where the Adonbaxi civilization and the Maliekt of Gricsyn had turned to wickedness as well. After many years of slavery, Trelch granted his favor to the people once again as they began to revere him and ask for his help, allowing them victory over the Red Tower.

Krizovism held that there are 3 forms of wickedness:

  • Selfish wickedness - In this form of wickedness, one peruses his or her own desires to the point of harming others, this includes wrongdoings such as adultery, theft, framing others for crimes, and bearing false witness.
  • Hateful wickedness - This form of wickedness is one in which a person violates another's life, liberty, or property out of hatred, regardless as to whether that hatred is directed at the victim for personal reasons or an unfair prejudice against them, crimes such as murder and assault generally fall under this category of wickedness.
  • Negligent wickedness - Though not as common as the other two, this form of wickedness is committed by taking responsibilities and abandoning them, in cases such as having a child and not feeding it, or abandoning a military post. Negligent wickedness generally overlaps with the other two in that most abandoning is done out of selfishness or hatred, but taking a prior oath and failing to honor it adds to the evil of the crime committed.

Wickedness was oftentimes personified as a creature known as Ryllt, a three-headed serpent with one head like an ordinary snake, one like a cobra, and one like an eel, often seen in statues and paintings, coiled around historical figures who did evil deeds, with each head telling them to commit wickedness of their preferred style. Ryllt was usually seen not as a truly evil monster, but as a force of nature with no worse intentions than a hurricane, but equally dangerous, though some Krizovists did not believe in Ryllt at all.


Krizovist Countries

  • Kingdom of Krizov - (???-3400s AS), the first Krizovist kingdom ruled by Krizov himself's lineage; It fell to the Empire of the Red Tower (See: Kingdom of Krizov-Red Tower conflict).
  • Aurniznia - (800-3600 AS) Aurniznia converted to Krizovism sometime in the late 800s, it lacked any power past 3580 AS and finally fell in 3600 AS to barbarian tribes.
  • Uardbakkr Nepotocracy - A nomadic empire originating from the north of the Outerlands who were known for carrying vast supplies of melted snow to supplement for a lack of freshwater. The Uardbakkrs traveled to the Amicalis mountains after the defeat of the Empire of the Red Tower.
  • Earldom of Amicalis - A country founded in the holyland of the Krizovists.