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Gricsyn was the historical homeland of the maliekt race, and an autonomous subdivision of Amicalis bordering the Phaber Countship, Lerrnahank Countship, and Southern Peaks Countship. Gricsyn was mostly occupied by grasslands and mountainous regions, and though maliekt are naturally adept at mining, the region was scarce in precious metals and coal compared to neighboring Lerrnahank; Clay and Zezaridium were Gricsyn's main exports.

Gricsyn was historically inhabited by primitive maliekt from their migration around the 1300s, AS. The first maliekt civilizations sprouted up in Gricsyn during the 1400s, and they began trading with the Adonbaxi civilization and enjoyed generally friendly relations with them. Several maliekt civilizations rose and fell until eventually in the 3,650s AS, when the Empire of the Red Tower arrived in Obreidhion and went to war with the indigenous peoples they encountered. Gricsyn was conquered during the 3,660s and the maliekt race came almost entirely under slavery.

In 3839 AS, the slaves of the Empire of the Red Tower began rebelling across their land, and Gricsyn was no exception. The maliekt, along with other slaves in the region, escaped from the Elven cities and into the wilderness, reclaiming their own underground cities which were left abandoned by the elves, rearming themselves and launching raids against the elven cities they'd escaped from. An Amicalian navy built by the byn'makha eventually blockaded Gricsyn, and the elves, lacking reinforcements, surrendered, fled, or were wiped out.

After the war had ended, Gricsyn and the maliekt negotiated for 10 weeks with the humans and byn'makha until borders were drawn up, and the three races were united under one nation.