Lerrnahank Countship

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The Lerrnahank Countship was a countship of Amicalis which was known for its mining industry. The Lerrnahank Countship bordered the Amacata Countship and Cloudfield Frontier to the North, Phaber Countship and Gricsyn to the East, Southern Peaks Countship to the South, and the Amacata Desert to the West.

Lerrnahank's anthropological history begins roughly 1300 years after the shattering of the United Plane, when the first sapient mortals, human settlers, arrived to the region. Lerrnahank was inhabited mostly by hunter-gatherers until the 3,670s, when the Empire of the Red Tower colonized the region and enslaved the natives, using them as well as imported slaves to mine up precious metals. In 3839, the Red Tower Slave Revolt began, and the slaves of Lerrnahank joined in rebelling against the elves of the Red Tower. In 3848, the constitution of Amicalis and the Lerrnahank Countship were officialized.

Geographically, the Lerrnahank Countship was largely dominated by barren mountainous regions to its eastern side, while savannas and veld grasslands cover the western areas bordering nearby to the inhospitable Amacata Desert. Notably, war pachyderms used by Amicalis are native to this region.