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Below is a timeline of the events that take place on Erudite.

Before the Shattering (BtS)

  • Asmos forms from random permutations of chaos into a sentient mind.
  • Asmos begins to shape the universe by creating many other worlds before settling on the area of space that would become Erudite.
  • Asmos creates the Karaihe as architects of the various planets.
  • Asmos creates Ouros. As a consequence of a creator such as Ouros being brought into the world, an equally powerful force of destruction is spawned forth in the form of Vaskus.
  • Ouros creates the Old Pantheon who take the form of celestial bodies. Seven of them are the seven elemental gods who take the forms of other planets, while Ouros takes the form of the sun. Two others, Isha and Kosa, take the place of Erudite’s two moons.
  • The Old Pantheon creates Erudite, a planet in the middle, forming a geocentric system. They also create the Moroitos to inhabit it.
  • The seven Aard’Vorn are introduced to Erudite.
  • Isha, one of the moon goddesses is murdered.
  • The Shattering takes place. This causes Erudite’s ring, Isha’s Grace, to appear.

Before Demon Wars (BDW)

  • Vaskus, Ouros, and the Old Pantheon are all dead. At least, insofar as an immortal can die.

Tribal Era (>3,000 BDW)

  • Migration era of Eidyn:
    • Humans arrive to Eidyn from Brumal. They bring with them the Aard’Vorn and eventually divide into several ethnic and cultural groups spread across Eidyn. The Jad in Leir, the Haradinoi in Varden, the Mediuso in Gierkliff, the Erebnyx in Sky Pass, and the Atallaeci in Teleios.
    • Elves, also known as Thar, migrate north from the land of Valorum to the south. These ancestor elves became the Vulcan Elves of Heznland, the Frost Elves of Shuang, and the Water Elves of Leir, as well as the Deep Elves and the Kronos Elves.
    • Dwarves show up in Eidyn.
  • The floating city of Ouropoli is constructed.
  • Ardas and Wasa battle it out in what eventually becomes Leir.
    • The Water Elves are forced out to sea where they become Sea Elves.

Antiquity Era (3,000-650 BDW)

  • The Aard’Vorn are scattered.
  • The Arbiters form as a knightly order to prevent mortals from acquiring Deep Ekati.
  • Demons begin their regular raids on mortals.
  • Orcs are expelled from the Limestone Plains of the Verdant Wilderness by the progenitors of Fraengal. (2,581 BDW)
    • This begins the Orcish Exodus, with orcs living on the fringes of other societies and facing frequent mistreatment and persecution.
  • Khyorganese migration (2,400 BDW)
    • Humans from Eidyn settle in Obreidhion. These early human settlers would form the Adonbaxi and Andavronian cultures.
    • Elves from Valorum settle along the coastlines of Obreidhion and Lexighor, in Bossniri, the Southern Amacata Highlands, Lunar Atoll, and the Khios Mountains. These Vulcan Elf populations become the Root Elves, Sand Elves, Moon Elves, and Snow Elves.
    • The Dwarves settle in Western Lexighor, in the Archei mountains.
    • Orcs, left with the least valuable scraps the other races haven’t taken over, have little choice but to settle in the inhospitable Desert of Lexighor.
  • The dragon Piasa dies, and his fossilized remains become the home for the Taulan Tribe.
  • City of Gammel is founded in Leir.
  • City of Nal’jadoria is founded.
  • King Nebu commissions the creation of the Grand Idol.
  • Dariel the Conqueror invades Emsius.
  • The Empire of the Red Tower establishes a colony in eastern Obreidhion (1,000 BDW)
    • This begins the “Magitek Age” as the Empire of the Red Tower, Shai-Shan, Aurum, and Segara dominate as the “interplanar empires.” This lasts until a collapse in the medieval age.

Medieval Era (650-0 BDW)

  • Technological collapse, end of the magitek age.
    • Segaran timeloop begins (633 BDW)
    • Shai-shan and Aurum go to war in the power vacuum left by Segara’s disappearance (630 BDW)
    • Empire of the Red Tower slave revolts begin (621 BDW)
    • Aurum loses the war to Shai-Shan and collapses (609 BDW)
    • Golem Revolt begins in Shai-Shan (609 BDW)
    • Shai-Shan collapses (606 BDW)
    • Empire of the Red Tower collapses (601 BDW)
    • Orcish tribes of Gorholl unite (575 BDW)

After Demon Wars (ADW)

Renaissance Era (0-500 ADW)

  • Demon Wars begin (0 ADW).
    • The Demon Lord Abraxas attacks Kronen.
    • Gammel is destroyed by the Demon Lord Ziminiar.
    • The Arbiter general Lucien invades Ogruna.
    • Four of the Aard’Vorn are gathered to defeat Abraxas.
    • The Palvari of Windseeker Isle flee to Khyorgan, and will eventually become the Polvorans. (18 ADW)
    • The Tauryan Empire collapses with the death of the Tauryan royal family
    • The United Orcish Tribes of Gorholl collapse
  • Last Demon army surrenders in Tangmal City; Demon Wars end (21 ADW)
  • The Theyri dynasty seeks to reunite Taurya (210 ADW)
    • Theyri III is crowned as the first King of Taurya in 200 years
    • Theyri IV is born (221 ADW)
    • Theyri IV is crowned as the second King of Taurya (248 ADW)
    • Abomination Crusades begin (251 ADW)
    • King Theyri IV expels the non-humans from the Kingdom of Taurya (255 ADW)
    • King Theyri IV is deposed as king, but spends the next year gathering an army before sailing to Mildhurian to fight the Qilin (256 ADW)
    • Theyiran Empire is founded (257 ADW)
  • Leir is founded when the Worldstone is returned to the Jad tribe.
  • The first ekati reactors are created when mage-produced ekati becomes industrialized.
  • Heilinthar challenges Leir’s rapid expansion.
  • Heilinthar War begins (300 ADW - 303 ADW)
    • The Steel Sisters are created.
    • Colonel Speron Ferader defects from Leir to spy for the Heilinthar.
    • The emperor of Leir suddenly dies. He is replaced by his paranoid son.
    • The Steel Sisters have an encounter with Kino.
    • Leir begins its campaign to claim all seven Aard’Vorn.
    • Several of Leir’s Magic Knights desert Leir and form a rebellion.
    • The Arbiter General Ramiel is captured and put under mind control so that Leir could obtain more Deep Ekati unopposed.
    • The emperor of Leir begins a ritual to harness the power of the seven Aard’Vorn.
    • The sorceress Emilia sabotages the ritual resulting in a giant explosion that destroys Leir.
  • The survivors of Leir emigrate to Emsius.
  • The nation of Arguros is founded in Emsius.
  • The Mask of Bara is discovered on the island of Kesuma. (434 ADW)
  • The Polvoran Civil War takes place. (434 ADW)
  • Emsius begins to suffer a shortage of ekati. They start relying more heavily on synthesized ekati while undergoing mining operations for Deep Ekati. (471 ADW)
  • The Carnelian family rises to prominence in Emsius. They bear a curse due to being part of Dariel’s bloodline.
  • Events of Curse of the Grand Idol (492 ADW - 495 ADW)
    • After the death of his brother Filbert and after being disgraced by his family, Alder joins the Cyrasia militia - a group of soldiers with the reputation of being used for expendable purposes.
    • The ekati reactor in Jacinth has a meltdown, flooding the city with Deep Ekati dust that mutates people into ghouls. A section of the city is put under quarantine.
    • Alder and a squad are sent into the city of Jacinth to look for survivors.
    • To stop Dariel’s curse for good, Alder awakens the Grand Idol.
    • Alder Carnelian defeats the Grand Idol which had reanimated itself and attacked the city of Jacinth.
    • Alder Carnelian becomes the new king. His detractors attempt to blackmail him by saying he caused the Grand Idol to appear, but during Alder’s coronation, he is completely open about it, foiling the conspiracy to have him exiled.
  • In Emsius, a bill is drafted to discontinue the use of ekati reactors in favor of switching to steam power. (496 ADW)
  • Alder marries Darcy Lynette. (497 ADW)

Steam Era (500-1,000 ADW)

  • A general shortage of ekati in combination with a repeated history of magical disasters prompts many civilizations to gradually adopt non-magical technologies as a replacement or supplement.
  • Princess Scarlet Carnelian is born (500 ADW)
  • Amacata Mithril Rush begins (501 ADW)
    • Segara-Gomchar coast-to-coast rail line is completed (502 ADW)
    • Trans-Amacata Railroad is completed (503 ADW)
    • Piasite mining begins
  • Return to Farandia (504 ADW)
    • Researchers track down an old Xengese folktale about fairies. After locating a fairy ring in Sen Forest, they are transported to Farandia. The existence of fairies is confirmed as more than children’s stories.
    • Through some clever mathematics and astronomy, they triangulate Farandia’s position relative to the rest of the world to figure out how to reach it through more conventional means of travel.
    • Planning begins on a voyage to sail to Farandia by sea. This facilitates the development of the steamboat.
  • A colony is established on Farandia. (509 ADW)
  • Farandia expeditionists detect immense ekati energy readings coming from south of Farandia, indicating another potential source of ekati. The existence of the continent of Bhari’Adavi is theorized. (510 ADW)
  • Expedition to Bhari’Adavi (517 ADW)
    • First contact is made with the Giants and the Emuka.
  • The Steel Sisters are discovered buried in the sand in an archaeological expedition in the old Leir area. They are taken and restored to working condition. (524 ADW)
  • Battle for Erudite (525 ADW)
    • Kino returns one last time, trying to amass the ekati energy from Bhari’Adavi to become a god.
    • A team consisting of heroes from multiple nations around the world go to take him out once and for all.
    • The final blow against Kino is done by Boadra.